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How to Order Asian Massage Parlor Services

When one thinks of how to order Asian massage parlor, the picture that often comes to mind is a happy Asian couple having a massage together. This is a popular image but there are a number of other massage parlor operators that offer a more grown up, classy type of atmosphere. It is no doubt that the Asian culture lends itself to an intimacy that goes beyond the physical. While it may be true that massage parlors in the West have largely adopted an avant garde feel and have gone all out for fun, Asian massage parlors have kept their traditional charm.

Here is some information on some popular Asian massage spots

  • Bangkok, Thailand: This city is one of the most popular massage parlors in the world. There are countless clubs, massage spas and exotic places that give a full service Asian massage. A typical day at an Asian massage parlor would include a relaxing facial, a seaweed wrap and even Swedish massage. Most popular massage spots in Bangkok have a reputation for being more up front with the customers than other massage parlors.
  • Manila, Philippines: The second largest city in the Philippines, Manila is home to the Filipino people, who are famous for their down-to-earth, caring personalities. One of the most popular massage spots in Manila is the Alabang area, which is known for its high quality service for your perfect date. Other popular massage parlor locations in Manila include Alabang Hills and Ayala Avenue. Both these popular massage spots boast a laid-back atmosphere with good music and food at inexpensive prices. Many tourists come to Manila to enjoy this holistic treatment, which makes it a popular destination for the Asian massage parlor experience.
  • Brisbane, Australia: Considered as the “Cultural Capital of Australia“, Brisbane has become an increasingly popular destination for Asian massage therapy. Brisbane has several popular massage spots including the Brisbane Hotel and Apartments, which are located close to The Queensland Hospital and The Museum & Art Gallery. Another popular massage therapy destination in Brisbane is The Spa at Stradbroke Park, which has received great reviews from visitors. The spa offers a variety of body treatments, which include Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, aromatherapy and vitamins. It also features the first ever Shiatsu massage, which utilizes finger pressure in treating aches, pains and joint stiffness.
  • Tokyo, Japan: One of the world’s leading economic and cultural centers, Tokyo is home to numerous popular massage therapy spas. It is also host to a large number of Asian massage parlor reports. Some of the most popular massage therapy providers in Tokyo are the Meiji Yasuda Company, who provide traditional Japanese massage therapy, and the Futani Company, who specialize in Chinese and Sambo types of massage. Other providers include Sanyo, who specializes in Chinese medicine massage. There are also many spas in Tokyo, such as The Great Eastern Hotel and The Imperial Palace Hotel, who provide Western-style massage.
  • Singapore: Home to many popular massage parlors, Singapore is a top destination for Asian massage therapy. There are multiple massage parlors in Singapore, including the Cosmo Asian, JW Marriott, Starwood Casa and the nearby Asian Star Hotel. The Oriental Express is one of Singapore’s largest and oldest massage parlor, which is known for its traditional Thai massage. The Jade Dragon is another popular massage parlor. Other popular massage spots include the nearby Singapore Botanical Garden, which features beautiful gardens with flowering plants, and the local La Cungta Shopping Centre, which has various restaurants, shopping malls and food outlets. The shopping centre also features a large indoor mall that features a food court and a food processing plant.
  • Thailand: Also known as the Land of Smiles, Thailand offers visitors a warm, inviting country for their Thai massage needs. Thailand is popular for its warm, friendly people and has become home to some of the most popular massage providers in the world. There are several places to get a Thai massage in Thailand, including the Thong Lo, San anguish, Xtendlife and the Leda Massage. There are also several popular spas, such as Siam Hotel and The Winery Resort, which are known for their Thai massage. Other offerings include wellness centres, such as the Sky Garden and The Healing Gallery.


All of these providers offer the same types of massage, but there are also a few different options when it comes to how to find a successful dating partners and order them. For instance, the most common way to order Thai massage in Thailand is to choose the provider, select the type of massage and then enter the payment information.

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