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How to say no to a hookup if you’re not in the mood

Accepting a hookup invitation is easy, especially if you’re horny tonight. Refusals are more challenging, since some excuses are needed and it’s not always fun to choose them carefully.

However, it’s not just by chance that all psychologists advise to learn how to refuse. They say, it’s crucial for one’s inner harmony and self-healing in any life situations, particularly hookups.

Saying no is as beneficial for our health as hookuping. There is the right time for everything. The main thing is to follow your real desires actual at the very moment, and to be honest with yourself.

Can you be rude if another part is too insisting and you feel down or non-erotic at the moment? Well, we’re all humans and you can be, if you won’t talk to this person again or it’s your buddy.

Our friends with benefits are usually forgiving enough to accept us as we are. However, keep your emotions under control if a person is too hot to lose or too sensitive to talk rudely.

Diplomacy and tactfulness are key qualities helping us to communicate effectively with the others. Remember this simple rule when you are interacting with your hookup.

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