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The dignity of Russian brides.

There is a fight between double standards, as there are Russian brides who are aimed to build families, and there are women who are chasing their career only.

I am convinced that fighting with the hypocrisy of double standards must be waged on all fronts, not just during the communication between two genders as it is the special case of extensive public and social respect. Servility, sacrificial role model or even their visibility is the greatest shame and misfortune for any mature personality.

That is why the witty women, naively hope that due to using of their manipulations (especially a great role is performed by their gorgeous body they are perfectly aware of) in order to ensure a carefree and irresponsible life only through the efforts of men who with their best intentions, are doomed to total loss of their own identity and with their own hands they ruin their talents, the real life and free personality manifestation.women from dating

Unfortunately or luckily, it depends on the angle of viewing the situation women in the world do not have all the rights they need in order to rule the country and men, that is why the situation is stable. But it is important to keep in mind that historically the Earth was built this way, that men are the providers of the family, while women are the people who are guarding the comfort of their family, and they are the ones who provide coziness and harmony at home, as well as they take care of children. The truth is that such a system in the family currently is available only in the Slavic countries, where women are getting still this kind of home discipline, which is the reason why foreigners are so attracted by Russian women. The bad thing is that local men are not fulfilling their male function, and as a result those women are looking for a husband somewhere else in the world, and they stay with nothing, as their women in attempt of having the life they always dreamed of since being small girls are getting married and leave their country for good in order to start a family with their foreign grooms.

In this kind of situation the emancipated women in Europe as well as in America have a legal right to choose whether to change in order to have the ability to built a happy and everlasting family, or to move on with the path that they have chosen earlier to become successful in their career, but at the same time they need to realize that this way they will never have a good family life, kind of life they always dreamed of.Caring about my woman is my priority

Unfortunately in the majority of cases they are making the wrong choice, and the worst thing is that they are not able to understand their mistake and stay miserable and proud, and at the same time are being very critical about men in their countries as well as about Russian brides that they are bringing to their own country. It is tragic the fact how due to emancipation and getting same rights with men, American as well as European women have lost some other very important thing for a woman, they have lost their feminist feelings and ability to make their man happy, and to be happy their selves, so the question in this kind of situation, was it worth?

Russian and Ukrainian Women Dating on CharmDate

But Russian brides nevertheless are not allowing the situation to change and become dangerous for them, they pamper and take care of their foreign husbands, and by doing that, they get their men so attached towards them that they are not able to notice anyone else anymore, that is the secret of Russian brides, their secret is the wisdom and the desire to be a fragile woman who desperately needs a strong man shoulder in order to rely on.

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